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Dental Division in Samir Group has been a trend setter in the dental sector in Saudi Arabia. The most comprehensive digital dentistry workflow solutions, most advanced dental laser systems and the only supplier of virtual reality dental trainers and training robots made the Dental Division head and shoulders among competition. We believe in providing comprehensive solutions in collaboration with our partners Caresream Dental, Biolase, Thommen Medical, Zeising, imes icore, Moog, 3dMD, Materialise 3D Systems and others to better serve the dental community in Saudi Arabia.,

Mission Action

We aspire to actively accompany dentists throughout their journey, from academia to practice. We offer our clients the best technologies serving the art and science of dentistry, ensuring that our solutions advance their performance as dental practitioners or postgraduates. Our partners in virtual reality training, innovative education solutions and dental robotics introduce progressive learning methodologies to future dentists, providing them with the latest updates and techniques in the field. We support graduates as they progress in dentistry by offering innovative dental technologies and digital dentistry workflow, serving the dental community at both clinics and dental laboratories. Our portfolio includes avant-garde dental solutions for specialized dentists and postgraduates, presenting them with innovative dental lasers, dental implants, tissue grafting and bone substitutes program. Being the “dentists’ technology companion throughout their journey” is our mission, making sure that our services are following our customers’ satisfaction compass.

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Our Health imaging is one of the market leaders in digital imaging technologies including DR rooms and mobile radiography.

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Supporting clinical professionals for improving patient care is the reason for the establishment of Clinical Division in our organization.

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The Dental Division in Samir Group has been a trend setter in the dental sector in Saudi Arabia etc...

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