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SAMIR’s Radiology & Health Imaging Division is a leading patient-focused innovative services, products & solutions provider, with a mission to improve patient care and enhance the Healthcare Imaging Industry.

Not only does the Division play a key role in introducing scientifically advanced high-quality solutions that are cost-efficient, less invasive & safe, but its services extend to knowledge transfer via providing professional education & training to imaging personnel, physicians-in-training, allied health professionals, hospital administrators, legislators, and payers.

Our Approach

Introduction of Latest Innovative Technologies

Competitive Advantages via Technology Solutions

Highest Quality Medical Imaging Solutions

Added-Value & Effective Imaging Management

After-Sales Services by Highly Qualified Experts

Our Solutions

Systems Upgrade & Enhancement

Health Imaging Division provides advanced technologies to upgrade solutions & systems from ‘Analogue to Digital’ & ‘Semi Digital to Digital’, including:
• Digital Radiography (DR) Flat Panel Detector; with Image Suite Software, to convert existing analogue X-ray machines to fully digital systems.
• Computed Radiographic (CR) System; with Image Suite Software, to convert existing analogue X-ray machines to a cost-effective digital system.

Uninterrupted Radiology Services

Health Imaging Division provides comprehensive Digital Uninterrupted Radiology Solutions, suitable for Hospitals & Medical Centers, including:
• Carestream’s in-room Radiology Systems and Mobile X-Ray systems; with Health Carestream OP & Software, supported by X-Factor Technology.

Home Care Solutions

Health Imaging Division provides General Radiology Services, suitable for Home-Care, including:
• EcoRay Ultra 100 X-ray Tube; with Carestream DR or CR & Image Suite Software.

Our Profile

SAMIR’s Health Imaging Division is a market leader in Digital Radiography & Imaging, providing transformational medical technologies & services to enhance results. Covering the kingdom’s vast demographic & geographic areas, SAMIR supports healthcare facilities of diverse sizes, nature, and specialties, including hospitals, medical centers, clinics, diagnostic centers, teaching institutes, and field & home care medical providers.

Key Projects

International Medical Center Hospital
Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital
Kingdom Hospital
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Document Scanners

Award-winning scanners and applications deliver industry-leading services that transform documents and data into information. The wide spectrum of diverse document scanners is suitable to meet customers’ requirements and their daily document scanning volume, including Desktop Scanners, Departmental Scanners, Production Scanners, Book Scanners, and Large Format Scanners.

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