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SAMIR’s Business Imaging Systems and Services Division is an ISO Certified leading one-stop-shop, with +30 years of experience in providing entities and enterprises kingdom-wide with complete turnkey cutting-edge solutions (hardware, software, and services), and advanced industry technology, with a proven track record of success and customer satisfaction as a committed, efficient and reliable business partner.

SAMIR is the first company to introduce Backlog Conversion Services into the Saudi Market, providing customers in diverse industries and sectors with solutions that enhance productivity and proficiency, combining deployment of the latest technology, high-quality products, and premium services.

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SAMIR’s Business Imaging Systems and Services Division is a leading supplier of hardware and software in the field of Document Capturing, Document Archiving and Management Systems, providing low-volume, mid-volume, and high-volume scanners, microfilms scanners, archive writers, and imaging software, in addition to being a pioneer in the field of RFID and Backlog Conversion Services.

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Riyad Bank
Saudi Aramco
Banque Saudi Fransi
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Document Scanners

Award-winning scanners and applications deliver industry-leading services that transform documents and data into information. The wide spectrum of diverse document scanners is suitable to meet customers’ requirements and their daily document scanning volume, including Desktop Scanners, Departmental Scanners, Production Scanners, Book Scanners, and Large Format Scanners.

Cropped LogosCropped Logos
Microfilm/Fiche Digitizers

Complete range of Microforms Digital Scanning Solutions, using high-performance Microfilm and microfiche Scanners, with media flexibility and superior quality image, addressing the imaging industry from every angle, including archival preservation, records management, etc. providing unique competitiveness & technological edge.

Image Data
Document Management Solution

An industry-leading solution for document management, trusted by enterprises and government entities to accelerate digital transformation. The solution is a fully web-based system with an intuitive user interface, available in English, Arabic, and French. The solution features easy capturing and indexing of all types of documents, anywhere and anytime.

E-Correspondence Solution

Tarasol® E-Correspondence Solution assists government and public-sector entities in achieving a paperless work environment, by automating and managing correspondence, meetings, and cases via electronic signatures.

Health Information Management Solution (eHIM)

A complete electronic Medical Record System capable of maintaining all types and formats of medical information for easy retrieval and processing. The eHIM solution grants physicians and other medical care personnel instant access to their task lists and patient charts. It integrates scanned images and electronic clinical data to create an all-inclusive patient data repository.

Med Logic
Document & Data Capture Solution

Comprehensive industry-leading Document and Data Capture Solutions, ranging from desktop to high-volume scanning operations. The solutions convert paper documents to information with pre-defined workflows for batch processing, featuring document capture with image enhancements, document automatic separation and classification, and automatic indexing, integrating with backend ECM solution, to export the processed documents and data.

RFID Solutions

Cutting-edge solutions, coupled with technology agnosticism, provide added value to organizations across varied industries, irrespective of size and sector. Dolphin RFID is a turnkey solution provider working across all frequency bands, offering unique, innovative, cost-effective, and end-to-end solutions. The RFID Document & File Tracking and RFID Asset Tracking Solutions are key for entities that realize that automation is paramount.

Barcode Solutions

Wide-ranging Barcode Solutions that include Industrial, Desktop, and Mobile Barcode Printers and Labels across diversified domains like manufacturing, warehouse, and logistics, retail, healthcare, etc.

Asset Management Solutions

Mojodat offers the finest Fixed Asset Management Solutions for all industries, supporting industries and facilities avoid financial problems caused by fixed asset mismanagement, by increased control over efficient fixed asset utilization. Mojodat Fixed Asset Management Solution and Mojodat Maintenance Module feature asset control, auditing and reporting enhancement, and efficient waste reduction.

Video & Images Compression Solution

Fast and lightweight Live Stream Optimizer that delivers compressed real-time video even in the most challenging wired or wireless network environments (including 3G and 4G networks). The tool drastically reduces video size in live video streams up to around 90%, without quality loss.

  • Vortex Global Omni Compressor Vortex Global
  • Omni Stream Vortex Global
  • Omni Medical
  • Vortex Global Omni Image
Shredding Solutions

Depei Solution’s wide solution range of shredders, compacters, and degaussers enables corporations to protect and properly manage commercial secrets, intellectual property, personal data, and other sensitive information, in accordance with security procedures and privacy laws. The solution helps to shred internal and confidential data stored not only on traditional paper supports, but also on optical, magnetic, and electronic supports (CD, DVD, Floppy, ID Cards, Smart Cards, USB, Hard Disks, etc.).

Electronic Shelf Labeling Solutions

The ZKONG Electronic Shelf Label Solutions empower new retail to realize the ability to synchronize information between physical and online stores, significantly improving stores’ management efficiency and cost reduction control.

Physical Records Management Solution

Gimmal Physical Records Management Solution enables unified and secure physical records management. This browser-based solution helps achieve compliance, physical records visibility and ensures timely access to records and information across the enterprise, limiting the need for records retention policy enforcement, locating records/files/boxes, and records access and security

Classify, locate, and govern physical records and information in-house or offsite. Modernize physical records management with:

  • Migrations from legacy platforms like OmniRIM, Zasio, and HP Trim
  • Record tracking through barcodes and RFID

SAMIR is the first company to start Backlog Conversion Services in Saudi Arabia. It is Business Imaging Systems and Services Division is a solution provider with +30 years of experience. It outsources partners to companies that have large-scale critical Microform Digitization or Document Scanning and Imaging Projects, requiring execution speed and accuracy.