GAZT – Court Rooms

Established in 1355 AH / 1936 AD as the “Zakat and Income Bureau“.


The Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority underwent several developmental phases and changed its name several times. It was established in 1355 AH / 1936 AD as the “Zakat and Income Bureau“, and then it became the “Zakat and Income Authority” in 1370 AH, and ultimately, the Royal Decree No. (A/133) dated 30/7/1437 AH, specified in Section 11 that the “Zakat and Income Authority” will be converted into the “General Authority of Zakat and Tax” (GAZT), and chaired by the Minister of Finance.

Project Overview

  • Provide Agreed Designed Conceptional Drawing.

  • Camera auto-tracking system, and Streaming.

  • Videoma Software installation and configuration (recording, archiving).
  • Installation of Video and Audio system.